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Apr. 10th, 2006 @ 06:56 pm wow... it's been a loooong time!
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ok... looks like i fell off the face of the earth huh? go figure i start up a new community and my life falls apart and i end up not being there for my friends here at eastshorbifems! sorry ladies!

well i'm now back and in full swing... gotta kinda start from scratch... but hey... it's all worth it... grin...

well now to update you on my life... things went hectic for a good while there... and slowly and surely things started to improve... after a breif hiatus from the lifestyle eric (hubby) and i dove back in head first... and boy did we get a taste of what we were missing... so yes... we are back and in action and loving every minute of it... grin...

we also have the store back up again... and i must say it is better than ever! more products and designs... fitting all the needs of the bisexual woman and the people who love her... you know what i'm talking about ladies... all those things you wanted to say but never did... yeah... well i wrote them down... eric designed them and we stuck them on everything from shirts to boxers... camisoles to thongs... mouse pads to mugs... and even dog shirts... grin... so be sure to check it out... you'll get a good kick outta things i'm sure... and probably see things that you gotta have :)


biparadise kinky stuff for kinky people     biparadise kinky stuff for kinky people
Oct. 7th, 2005 @ 01:58 pm Liberating change of scene
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3-4-ALL created by toocurious
Hi all,

This is Cherith (there is no more felicity)! I think this LJ has far over reached it's time... I may come back to it in the future... I may not... but I will keep it around for the memories :)

This Journal was to follow the path of two curious people traveling thru the lifestyle... soon, it became just my journey, and then it became pointless... so we have set up a new one, 3sumsrock to tell the tales our experiences in the lifestyle now that I am no longer bi-curious and we are no longer in the dark about what we enjoy

check it out ifn you want... it's friends only and pervs WILL be unfriended

ok... there ya go... have a good day

Feb. 8th, 2005 @ 02:42 pm some more about me
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OK lots of more pointless info about meCollapse )
Feb. 7th, 2005 @ 07:28 pm it's been a while
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wow..... like i'm sure you know.... it's been a long long time since i have updated... lemme tell you why
well, i had a very low point in my life and tried to commit suicide.... it didn't work incase you were wondering....lol
so i went to the hospital... and got things figured out and they sent me to a diffrent hospital they call behavioral health... and there i saw a shrink and was diagnosed bi-polar.... it's also known as manic/depressive.... thats where my highs are really high.... and my lows are really low.... in the manic phase... i spend too much money... try to get too much done.... i start things but never finish them.... and need practically no sleep... and the depressive times i'm just like a vegtable... need over 18 hours of sleep a day and am just miserable about life and what not...
i was taking prozac to counteract my birth control pill and come to find out that people who suffer from bi-polar can't take anti depressants because it just puts you in a deeper state of depression.... i'm now on lithium and seroquil just to allow me to function like a normal human
so i'll probably be on here every so often... but i've got other things on my mind.... like figuring out how to live with this mental ilness.... feel freee to ask me any questions.... but just to let you know it may take me a while to get to respond just cause i'm not going to be on a lot cause i need to work on me right now.....
talk soon.
Jan. 20th, 2005 @ 06:40 pm everyone's doing it... lol
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ok now to bore you with more info about me...lolCollapse )
Jan. 20th, 2005 @ 09:45 am getting my tongue pierced
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ok, i know that i put the posts out of order but i have no patience and i just wanted to just jump to the good stuff... grin.... i posted my tongue pix on my homepage... and instead of me uploading them to photo bucket and then posting them here.... here is the link to just go to my web site so you can see the torture i went thru... grin...
 see my tongue ring
Jan. 12th, 2005 @ 10:53 pm a cool new group to check out
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a new group was just created....


be shore to check it out!!!!  it's for bi fems residing in maryland, delaware, pennsylvania and new jersey. 

i would love to have your feed back as to what you think... should prove to be a lot of fun... hope to see you there!

Jan. 11th, 2005 @ 11:26 pm go me. lol
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Your Ultimate Purity Score Is...
CategoryYour Score Average
When I think about you - or anyone - I touch myself
Puts 'em on the glass
Sex Drive 39.5%
I got needs, baby, you gotta unnastan'!
Knows the other body type like a map
Gayness 16.1%
Makes Dr. Frank-n-Furter look tame
Fucking Sick56.6%
Dipped into depravity
You are 34.53% pure
Average Score: 72.7%
Jan. 9th, 2005 @ 03:34 pm an update
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i have been off line for several days now and the reason is, a few days ago i broke my toe... and yes it's just a damn toe... who knew it could hurt that much. lol i ended up being in the ER until the wee hours of the morning and since then i have been on various prescribed narcotics to deaden the pain. i'm finally of sound mind now and not too much pain... but who knows when the pain will kick in and i have to go back into the viccodin coma. lol.
Jan. 4th, 2005 @ 09:37 pm The Lisa Story
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3-4-ALL created by toocurious
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so, is everyone enjoying the stories so far? This is the story of the last time we went to cks... and the nite we met Lisa :)

We had met a woman (we'll call her Candy) online and become pretty good friends, just as friends. We both go to the same 'lifestyle club', but had never been there on the same nite, so one nite she told us she and her friend (we'll call the friend Lisa) were going and we should join them. We showed up at 8ish like normal. When you drive all the way from De to Philly, you tend to aim to get there early. We had some drinks and BS'd with other friends we have at the club until our online friend showed up. She was shy and had done one-on-one stuff with couples, where either someone else entertained the other party of the couple or they just sat out while she entertained the other. She wanted a 3sum with us until her friend got there, but she was very shy. So we grabbed a few drinks and sat on the couches to talk. The environment of this place kicks ASS! As the three of us sat and had this nice conversation about everyone's comfort levels and all people are engaging in sex acts all around us. Some on the very bench we were sitting on. We paid them no mind and continued talking. Candy's eyes seemed to dart around the room, I wasn't sure if it was her voyueristic nature or is she was worried that her friend wasn't going to show up. Finally, she said that we should begin and Lisa can either join us when she gets here, or we can have a round two when Lisa showed up. Felicity and I were both getting pretty horny, so that sounded as good of a plan to us as any. We had after all never met this Lisa.... BUT.... one thing we did talk about on the couch was the fact that Lisa saw pictures of me that we had sent to Candy... 'naughty pix'... and Candy said that Lisa's words were, "mmmmmmmmmmm, I gotta have me that"... grin... point is, she was very taken by me... but we hadn't seen pic one of her so we had no idea what we were missing. Well.... after the 3 of us finished (I can tell the Candy story some other time... this is the Lisa story) we all went to the bathrooms to clean up and put our clothes back on. Well, while the ladies were doing whatever it is that ladies do while they are in the bathroom for a half hour. This striking woman walked by me and into the bathroom, I mean her essense was so captivating that I couldn't even tell you, at that moment, how attractive she was, but I knew she had confidence, style, intelligence... all of this exuded from her walk. She was fire. She came back out of the bathroom, while the two for whom I had been waiting still lingered, and said to me, 'They will be right out' and she kept on walking.. I watched her go up the stairs over my head, blown away by how beautiful she was. I still, at this point couldn't have described her, but I knew I wanted her. I prayed that since she spoke to me, she was Lisa, but she just kept walking instead of introducing herself. But, I guess when someone finds another person that attractive they hesitate, I know I didn't have the balls to follow her up the stairs to find out. So, I waited... and waited and finally my female escorts/ cohorts emmerged from the ladies room all fresh and clean and we all headed upstairs for a cigarette. Yes... I waited alllll that time between sex... and good sex, too, before I could go up stairs for a cigarette :(
So, we ordered drinks, Lisa and Candy took their's and went down stairs to the buffet, we were to join them after our smoke. Once they were gone, Felicity and I talked about the radiance of this Lisa. We both saw the same thing in her, so we puffed down hard to go join them for breakfast. The conversation over breakfast was light. Lisa asked a lot of questions about our love life, how we met, about our upcoming wedding, about sweet things. Again, we had never met her before, not even virtually, so it was nice to have 'get to know you' small talk with her. Her voice and the way she carried herself in a conversation were every bit as perfect as the rest of her. Her skin was flawless and I was able to finally see thru all of her mesmorizing aura to catch a glimpse of her face, which was beautiful. She finished eating before we did, since we were late to join and said she was going to go dance. I rushed Felicity to finish eating (we could always get food, but Lisa is hot). So we went up stairs and talked some more. Lisa talked of her dissapointment about being late and missing the fun. She was sitting on one of the couch-benches and I was standing directly across from her. Felicity and Candy were off on talking about some place the four of us had to go and Lisa kept talking about how the traffic and her work and the reasons she was late and all she wanted to do was be with me. I was so turned on I made a gesture to beckon her over to where I stood. I put my arm around her and we began talking in breathless whispers because our attraction was so hot. I placed my hand on the back of her thigh and slid it up under her skirt to find the most solid ass you have ever felt. We both became turned on by the feel of my hand on her bottom and we began to kiss. This piqued Felicity's interest as she and Candy moved their conversation closer to our direction enabling them both a better view. The last call announcement was made. Meaning we had about 15-20 minutes... if something was to happen it had to happen right then. Lisa's face grew long and I said, "You may not get the full picture of an experience with us in 15 minutes, but that will give us plenty of time for you to test drive me to see if I am all you had hoped. Her eyes widened hopefully. Felicity's smile braodened. Lisa looked to Felicity to make sure this was ok, but could see on her face that it was more than so. Lisa and I kissed once more before I turned her around and bent her over the couch. I stood behind her and, after applying protection, entered her. Candy and Felicity stood off to the side watching longingly and caressing each other's breasts. A man walked behind the couch and pulled out his stuff in Lisa's face. Lisa had been talking to him at one point in the nite, so I wasn't sure if they had this worked out or something, so I continued on as he kept sticking his penis in her face. I saw that she was avoiding it, so looked to Felicity to see what she thought I should do and I saw two guys standing around her and Candy... these guys also had their members in their hands. I saw one try to grab for Felicity's chest, but she swatted at him and moved. I gave the guy above Lisa's head a dirty look but he continued. Finally I could take it no longer and though Lisa's nether regions was one of the most enjoyable places I have ever spend quality time, I had to stop. I felt bad for her to have that guy penis poppin her and I just couldn't enjoy myself. It was no way to leave a first impression, but we stopped, the guys dispersed and we all four hugged and kissed and swore we'd have to do it for real again. (Felicity then told the staff on our way out of these men and their behavior.)

Between scheduling conflicts and the fact that the club is only open on Wed, Sat and Sun, we haven't had a time when the two of us and the two of them were free. They were both enjoyably great ladies. We would meet with both of them separately, but I think we are all just wating for the collective meeting. With the holidays gone, I'm sure it will happen soon. :)

Some of the other stories are far more sexual, but this was a story of awkward beauty and needed to be told... if by chance you happen upon this "Lisa", I hope you enjoyed and I hope we can meet back up this year