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Feb. 7th, 2005 @ 07:28 pm it's been a while
About this Entry
Mood at this second... may change momentarily: sleepysleepy
What else is going thru my head: the humming of my head ache
wow..... like i'm sure you know.... it's been a long long time since i have updated... lemme tell you why
well, i had a very low point in my life and tried to commit suicide.... it didn't work incase you were wondering....lol
so i went to the hospital... and got things figured out and they sent me to a diffrent hospital they call behavioral health... and there i saw a shrink and was diagnosed bi-polar.... it's also known as manic/depressive.... thats where my highs are really high.... and my lows are really low.... in the manic phase... i spend too much money... try to get too much done.... i start things but never finish them.... and need practically no sleep... and the depressive times i'm just like a vegtable... need over 18 hours of sleep a day and am just miserable about life and what not...
i was taking prozac to counteract my birth control pill and come to find out that people who suffer from bi-polar can't take anti depressants because it just puts you in a deeper state of depression.... i'm now on lithium and seroquil just to allow me to function like a normal human
so i'll probably be on here every so often... but i've got other things on my mind.... like figuring out how to live with this mental ilness.... feel freee to ask me any questions.... but just to let you know it may take me a while to get to respond just cause i'm not going to be on a lot cause i need to work on me right now.....
talk soon.