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My saga into the next level

bi femme looking for fun
2 April
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My name is Cherith (felicity was merely a net-name I used for a while).
I am a married 24 year old bisexual in Delaware

What I like
I like girls!!! I know statements like that set woman back a good couple hundred years, but I am not a lesbian, I am not into politics OR religion... I am a bisexual... I'm into girls
With my bisexuality, I have also discovered a liking for things goth... fishnets, corsets and fuck-me-boots turn me on... I'm not your typical goth, though... who says you can't say fuck the establishment and look good doing it... grin

please check out my community that i moderate... eastshor_bifems


My husband's name is Eric (he used the name zac on the net)... read the newest post and that will all make more sense to you
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